FX787RG All Metal Lithium Outlining Trimmer – Rose Gold titanium deep tooth zero gap t-blade (zero gap included), 360 exposed t-blade, high-torque, brushless, Ferrari-designed, 7200 RPM engine, All-Metal housing, Lithium Ion Battery with 2 hour runtime, Cord/Cordless

FXFS2RG All Metal Cord/Cordless Double Foil Shaver – Hypoallergenic, Gold Colored Double Foil System, All-Metal Housing, Powerful Rotary Motor, Auto Cover/Shutoff, Cord/Cordless, up to 3hr. runtime.

Color/Style: Rose Gold Chrome

Model: FX787RG and FXFS2RG

BaBylissPRO RoseFX Collection (FXHOLPK2RG)