Vivica A Fox Cornrow Express Straight Back Cap

Cornrow Cap Express is a cap with cornrow so that it makes weaving easier while protecting your natural hair. It can be used for any type of weaving techniques, such as glue-in, sew-in, crochet, and etc. It is made with special net that is breathable and airy so that it does not capture heat or moisture in it. Since the user does not have to cornrow her hair and chemicals used for glue-in style does not touch hair and scalp, it is protective and stress-free. It is ideal for those who are treated for cancer, since the cap does not cause irritation on skin while staying on the head without sliding. They can either use weaves to create styles or wear wigs on top of the cap. Straight Back type is for bang styles.

Vivica A Fox Cornrow Pro Cap (Straight Back Cap)