Stylists, Braiders and Barbers

If your desire is to be the best you can be, then Alexa's is the place for you!


We know individuals with an energetic and driven philosophy will see unlimited opportunities and value in our relationship. 


We help you build a successful business by giving you the tools you need to succeed.


(No Long-Term rental agreement required)



  • A desire to succeed
  • A desire to control and own your own business within our business.


  • An active clientele or An active will to develop one

  • We offer 20 years of proven experience in the salon industry.

  • We offer 50 personalized business cards to help you promote your business.

  • We offer a featured spot on our website to attract new clientele.

  • We offer programs designed to keep your current clientele happy while getting new ones.

  • We offer participation in our monthly email specials personally designed to build YOUR clientele.

  • We offer 15% off your beauty supply products that you purchase.

  • We know that relocating or transitioning from commission to booth rental can be costly

  • We offer three payment options to help your business succeed, while reducing stress.

  • Option #1 - Stylists with an Active clientele pay only ($75.00) booth rent per week.

  • Option #2 - Stylists without an Active clientele will pay only 20% per service while building their clientele.   Meaning you don't pay weekly booth rent, just 20% on services you actually perform.  Great for stylist's just starting out.

  • Option #3 -  Stylist can choose between option 1 or 2 on a weekly basis.  In other words we don't get paid until you get paid. 



  • Call Alexa's Beauty Supply & Salon to set up an interview with Jimmy or Sheryl Travis @ 806-376-1236 or by email at

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