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Replacement Clipper | Fade Blade FX8010B

Ultra-Close Fade

Developed in USA

Experience expert influence. BaBylissPRO Replacement Hair Clipper Fade Blade Black FX8010B is designed to be used on any of the BaBylissPRO Lithium Hair Clippers. This exceptional fade blade has a very flat surface compared to a traditional taper blade, getting much closer to the scalp. More personal control over “C” scooping when blending hair. Graphite PVD coating.

  • Fade blade FX8010B can be used any of the BaBylissPRO Lithium Hair Clippers
  • Comes with: BaBylissPRO Influencer BlackFX Lithium Hair Clipper B870BA
  • Flatter back of the blade allows for closer fades
  • Allows for more personal control when cutting
  • Great for sharp edges
  • Adjustable, zero gapped blade
  • Coating prevents blade from getting too hot during multiple haircuts
  • Colour: black

BaByliss PRO® - FX8010B Replacement Clipper Fade Blade, Graphite

Artikelnummer: FX8010B
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