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Men's Hair Cutting

Crew Cut with beard work

Short Style Hair Cuts

Short haircuts are the go-to for most guys. ... Short haircuts can include anything from a couple of millimeters up to a couple of inches long. Hair can look and feel even shorter a type of fade at the sides. Or leave sides short but not shaved with a taper or taper fade.

Starting at $30 ( Child 12yrs and below)

Starting at $35 (Men)

mid-bald fade haircut
Textured drop fade

Medium Length Style Hair Cuts

For men, medium length hairstyles can flaunt a healthy head of hair.  Paving the way for quiffs, pompadours and textured crops, medium-length men's haircuts open up a Pandora's Box of possibilities. Medium-length hair is typically defined as a style that's 5 to 10 centimeters long (2 to 4 inches)

Starting at $45

Mid-bald curly drop fade
Afro fade haircut

Long Length Hair Cuts

What is considered long hair on a man? Wondering just how long is “long hair” for guys, anyway? It's typically anything past the ears, and certainly anything past the chin qualifies. Really, anything over 6 inches in length is considered long.

Starting at $55

Medium haircut
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