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We Are Skilled, Licensed Professionals , with a passion for hair beauty

Jimmy's Pic

Jimmy Y. Travis Jr.



I'm not your average Barber/Stylist.  I have over 25 years in the Barber/Salon industry.  I specialize in all textures of hair (Fine, Normal, Course).  In all wave patterns (Straight, Wavy, Curly, & Extremely Curly and for all ethnicity's.  For both Men & Women.  I educate my clients about their hair and haircare routine.  Through my professional knowledge and experience providing my clients with the 4C's of hair service (Care, Consistency, Comfort, & Confidence).  Call 806-376-1236 to schedule your next hair appointment or on my app below.  BE BLESSED!


Co-owner pic

Sheryl A. Travis

Hair Stylist/Co-Owner


I began my career as a hair stylist 30 years ago and love what I do.  I am friendly, kind, and sweet.  Clients who know my work, will testify I can hook "U" up. Whether it is a relaxer, cut & style, quick weave, hair extensions for all types of hair of any kind, or an involved haircut.  I specialize in all hair textures, naturally curly hair and will be happy to recommend products from our beauty store that will help you maintain your hair style. I'm only content with your complete satisfaction. My abilities range from the simple to the elaborate.  My belief is that your salon experience should be more than just a hairstyle but truly an enjoyable experience. Call 806-376-1236 to schedule your next hair appointment. BE BLESSED!



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